Trouble connecting to CDATA virtual databases in Airbyte Cloud


Unable to find stream when connecting to CDATA’s virtual databases in Airbyte Cloud


Hello, team. I am part of a team that uses Airbyte cloud. I am trying to connect to CDATA’s virtual databases but it’s not finding the stream. I could use some help.

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Tell me more! What do you mean by CDATA virtual database? Can you point me at some docs?

So this is the original documentation that they point you to.

But I noticed that the OData connector for Airbyte doesn’t exist.

Here are the docs for virtual datasets.

They are deprecating OData.

So previously you’ve used MSSQL connector?

This is a new connection.

We never made this connection before.

We are using CDATA to get data from SugarCRM. And then using AirByte to connect to CDATA.

But something is not working correctly. I can connect to CDATA using the SQL SErver connection but it doesn’t see any of the streams.

<@U0665FGTA8Z> this might be a good one to create a support ticket for. Otherwise if you could DM me your Cloud workspace I can take a quick peek.

I have more questions, but going to follow up direclty