Trouble pulling 'GET_SALES_AND_TRAFFIC_REPORT' from Amazon Seller Partner API


The user is facing an issue where the ‘GET_SALES_AND_TRAFFIC_REPORT’ is not appearing as an option in the schema list of the Amazon Seller Partner API connector, despite confirmation that the reports are active in the connector code. The user has the necessary permissions and has successfully pulled the report using a different tool. Refreshing the schema did not resolve the issue.


Hey folks, I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I’m trying to pull the “GET_SALES_AND_TRAFFIC_REPORT” from the Amazon Seller Partner API but it just doesn’t appear as an option in my schema list. It was confirmed that the reports are active in the connector here[…]e-amazon-seller-partner/source_amazon_seller_partner/ I also know that I have the right permissions to see this report as it’s our founder’s account/the owner account for Amazon and we were successful in pulling this exact report from Fivetran using the same account. I’ve tried refreshing the schema and nothing changes.

I’m stuck with where to go next with this. Everything else I need is working fine from Airbyte except this one report. I’m doing a trial right now and would love to go with Airbyte for our solution, but this bug is throwing a wrench in things. Thanks!!

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