Trouble with URL encoding LastEvaluatedKey param in Connector Builder for pagination

nope. didnt work.

would you suggest trying to fix the bug in the builder, or just use the Python SDK instead/

Unfortunately for now I think you’re only options are to switch to the low-code CDK and use a custom paginator component (less of a departure from the builder), or use the Python CDK.

But I will raise this issue to the team and see if we can get a fix out soon

Lake - do you have any prior art on CustomPaginator components for the Declarative framework?

Looks like we have one connector that uses a CustomPaginationStrategy:|[…]tegrations/connectors/source-monday/source_monday/manifest.yaml

wohoo - got it working!!

Lake - sorry to bother you here. Tried asking in the base channel but didn;t get anywhere.

How can i get the newly build connector to show up in my local Airbyte UI?

i’ve tried rebuilding all the docker images, no luck

See the other comment here for how to add your image to your airbyte instance:

Lake - thanks! that option looks like it’s trying to get me to point to an image on a Docker registry somewhere

The Docker repository name is just the image name that you used for your local image. If you are running airbyte locally on the same machine that you built the local image, it should be able to pull that image locally