URL encoding issue in Airbyte UI


Airbyte UI is converting special characters like # into % in API parameters due to URL encoding. User is looking for a solution to fix this issue.


I am using response[‘LastEvaluatedKey’][‘SK’][‘S’] this as a Cursor Value
and response from above is this #SC#9031
but value passed by airbyte in api parameter is %23SC%239031
it is converting # into %, I know this is due to url encoding
How can I fix this in airbyte UI

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Are you passing the cursor back to the API in query parameter?

I wonder if it would always urlencode input values :thinking_face:

<@U069EMNRPA4> Yes I am passing it in query parameters
Is there a way to resolve this issue in airbyte ui?

Honestly, not sure. I’d assume either there is a jinja macro already, or we could make one to tell a specific variable to not get urlencoded.

<@U069EMNRPA4> I tried some jinja filter they didn’t work,
I assume we need to make new one
I have no idea about how to make one,
So is it possible to do this or not?