Trouble with User Input values in custom connector for API data extraction


Custom connector for API data extraction is facing issues with User Input values, specifically with automating the ‘Date’ parameter to extract only the previous day’s data.


hello all - i’m working on a custom connector, to extract data out of an API
the API looks like this:

this works perfectly fine when i’m using Parameterized Requests for the Status and Date - where I hardcode a list of Parameter Values via a Value List

however - i’d like to automate the Date to extract only the previous day’s data. for this i’ve used the User Input and a code value of {{ day_delta(1) }}
this runs, however, the request resolves to:

“url”: “”,

where the StatusDate is truncated to 2 (not the full date)

i’m using airbyte cloud - so wondering if anyone has also come up against problems with User Input values?

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