Troubleshooting Airbyte on GCP VM with Docker containers


The user is facing issues with Airbyte deployment on GCP VM, where extra BigQuery containers are running alongside Airbyte containers, causing a potential hung state. The user is seeking guidance on debugging errors and accessing specific Docker logs for troubleshooting.


I’ve deployed Airbyte on GCP, but after a few days, it stopped working. Upon inspecting the running Docker containers, I noticed that there are three BigQuery containers running alongside other Airbyte containers for the past five days, which shouldn’t be the case. It appears that Airbyte might be stuck in a hung state. How can I debug errors on the GCP VM? I attempted to view the Docker logs for the container, but it’s mixing all the services together. Is there any documentation available to help me troubleshoot the issue with Airbyte hosted on the VM?

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