TypeScript destinations


I’d like to create a destination using TypeScript from AirTable as a source. I haven’t found anything in the docs, but I have found an open source Faros AI destination in TypeScript.

With this, I don’t really understand what’s expected from a custom destination in terms of methods or the order of method calls by Airbyte and such so it’s a little hard to understand.

Our destination is nothing more than a database exposed over a HTTP REST API.

What’s the best way to go about this?

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Hello Tejas, the Faros CDK is a community contribution and it’s not easy for the Airbyte team answer you.
One thing you can do is open an issue asking for them some explanation.
The official Airbyte CDK allows you to create destination using Python. The implementation is very simple and probably reading the code you can understand what functions are needed to build a destination.
Some examples are: Keen, Amazon SQS, Firebolt…