Ultimately how important is the JSON Schema?

We’re interested in submitting a PR for a new connector, but the service (SnipeIT) in question has an incomplete OpenAPI spec.

How important is the spec to the final product? My understanding is that its required for Airbyte’s basic normalization but we don’t make use of that feature so what I’ve done is “approximate” a spec by looking at the JSON responses and making reasonable guesses.

So far it’s worked for us because all of our stuff goes straight to an S3 bucket, but how important would having an accurate schema be for “official” connectors?

Others users will use normalization and if the data types are inaccurate will failed the process. Also there are some integration tests that check the data type of each fields and if you’re planning to submit your connector to the main repo you must validate the integration tests are passing.

Understood, I’ll work on getting the schema fixed

Enrico do you need any further help here?

Hey, sorry for the late replies it looks like I’m not getting notifications for all this.

I’m good, the problem is fixed for now, thanks very much for the assistance.

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