Unable to pass custom header for autherization

my header for api autherization looks like below
headers = {
‘auth-token’: “auth-token”

but airbyte token authenticator uses auth_method+auth_token in header
thats why i want to create a custome authenticator how can i do that
please help me with this…

If you are using the connector builder or the low code approach you can customize it in the YAML code. The API I am working with also has a special authentication requirement where I need to add ‘Token’ in front the api_key config parameter.

  type: ApiKeyAuthenticator
  header: Authorization
  api_token: 'Token {{ config["api_key"] }}'

I suggest trying the connector builder in the latest version of airbyte. There you can start developing your connector and then tweaking the YAML code if your use case is not supported by the designer.

I should say that when I have changed the YAML code like the above example, I cannot switch back to the UI (designer) but I can test the connector if I remain in the YAML editor.