Unable to replicate data for Stream "Issue" from source connector Jira to destination Amazon S3 or redshift

Selecting Issues from fetched data & running sync but it is not replicating any data to destinations (Amazon S3), (Redshift)

Can anyone guide me, what things do i need to make sure so that Airbyte can get data from Jira for this particular stream and replicate it to the specified destination

Make sure the start date is correct. Can you share the logs for the that sync there are some info that can help us debugging the problem.

logs-6267.txt (21.3 KB)

Here are the logs for the sync ran
I’ve used Amazon S3 as destination
My sync is running successfully but not data is emitted from the source & committed to the destination

Did you check if the start date parameter is correct?

should we add the start date for when jira was created?
or it should work for any date from when we have started using it?

it didn’t work even when i changed the start date

Are you selecting a project or trying to sync all projects?

What happens if you can the API endpoint using curl?