Updating Connector Version Using Official API


Exploring the possibility of updating a connector version using the official API instead of the engineering API, which is not officially supported for external use.


Is there a way to update a connector version using the “official API” rather than the “engineering” API, which states that it’s not officially supported for outside use?

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To clarify, I mean using the recommended API, on the left, here: https://docs.airbyte.com/api-documentation

at the moment, no - all custom connector updates are done via the “Config API”. Maybe <@U03U1T0EBTR> can comments on if this is a feature that will eventually make it into the Official API

Prescient timing! Yesterday, our team shipped the ability for custom connectors to now be available for use through the Airbyte. We have updated our Airbyte API documentation :arrow_right: https://reference.airbyte.com/reference/createsource|Here

But for updating the specific version of a custom connector - No that is only available through the other API. I can see this making its way into the Airbyte API, but there is not a committed timeline for this amongst other feature priorities.

How does the new definitionId affect the configuration accepted by the API?

does it just allow free-form object (sans sourceType) in that field?

Justen - Yes, it should be used for custom connectors