URL PATH and Token Refresh Endpoint for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector


The user is creating a connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and is looking for the URL PATH for each stream to ingest. They also want to confirm if the token refresh endpoint is the same as the authentication base URI. They are encountering a 504 error when testing the URL PATH as BounceEvent.


Hi I am creating a connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud as we require this data for our internal analytics
However, I cannot find what the URL PATH would be for each stream that we want to ingest. Would anyone know what these streams might be?
additionally In the global config We provided the token refresh endpoint - is this this the same as the authentification base uri?

when testing the URLPATH as BounceEvent, we get the following errorConnector logs

Unknown error (http.504.eKq6ympwfvDTH9uh1N9L2z)

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Based on the information provided in the extracts, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud has several streams available for sync. Each stream corresponds to a specific endpoint in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud API. Here are some examples: - ASSETS: assetSimpleQuery - APPROVALS: getApprovalItems - AUDITS: getAuditEvents - CAMPAIGNS: getCampaignCollection - CONTACTS: schemasCollection, fetchContactsAddressesCountSearchCriteria - And many more… You can find the full list of available streams in the Github Issue you mentioned. Regarding your question about the token refresh endpoint and authentication base URI, these are typically different. The token refresh endpoint is a specific URL where your application can obtain a new access token using a refresh token. The authentication base URI is the base URL for all authentication-related requests. For the error Unknown error (http.504.eKq6ympwfvDTH9uh1N9L2z), it’s a server-side error indicating that the server did not receive a timely response. This could be due to various reasons such as the server is down, the server is too busy, or there are network issues between the client and the server. It’s recommended to retry the request later or contact the server administrator for assistance. Please note that the URL path for each stream and the specific configuration for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud API should be provided in the API’s documentation. If you’re still having trouble, I would recommend checking the Salesforce Marketing Cloud API documentation or reaching out to their support for more specific guidance.

how do i get a token refresh endfpoint URL if it is infact different

how do i get a token refresh endfpoint URL if it is infact different <@U04SE163WC8>

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