Using Terraform for Airbyte


Inquiring about experiences using Terraform with Airbyte, specifically regarding the automatic generation of Terraform provider and its lag with changes in connector configurations. Asking about the update schedule of the Terraform provider and seeking tips on managing Airbyte with Terraform.


Hi all,
What are your experiences with using Terraform for Airbyte? We’ve been using Airbyte OSS successfully for some time, but since my number of connectors only grow bigger and bigger, I am trying to start using Terraform to help me manage some of the complexity. However, it seems like the Terraform provider is generated automatically and has some kind of lag with changes done to the sources connector’s configuration API. So basically:

  1. Is the Terraform provider updated on a schedule? When can I expect it to catchup with the latest versions of sources that I use?
  2. Any tips on managing Airbyte with Terraform would be welcome!
    Thanks a lot

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