WebUI not asking for username and password on Airbyte deployed on EKS using Helm chart


Airbyte deployed on EKS using Helm chart does not prompt for username and password on WebUI despite various attempts.


Hello Everyone .
I have created airbyte on EKS using Helm chart thru terraform.I am able to create all services up and running but it is not asking username and password on WebUI. I have tried different approached but no luck. used below ones

namespace  = "airbyte"
version    = "0.50.14"```
can you help me on this issue



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I also deployed on EKS using Helm. If you are using the OSS version it does not include basic authentication or user management. As stated on the “Security” page of the docs (https://docs.airbyte.com/operating-airbyte/security#network-security):
> Deploy Airbyte Open Source in a private network or use a firewall to filter which IP addresses are allowed to access your host. Airbyte Open Source currently does not include any user management or role-based access controls (RBAC) to prevent unauthorized access to the API or UI. Controlling who has access to the hardware and network your Airbyte deployment runs on is your responsibility.
Basic authentication is only for local deployment on your machine, and Single Sign-On is only available for Self-Managed Enterprise.

Yep, I have been looking into the same issue for our EKS deployment and, as <@U06AJ4PA8BY> says, basic authentication is only supported for Docker deployments of the OSS version.

A related question I have is with the API. They are accessible with username and password, but they are the standard ones and there seems to be no way to change them. Does any of you have an idea about that?

Maybe worth involving someone from the Airbyte team, but would not know who to tag.