When configuring incremental sync, how can I inject start/end time into body json's nested key?

I’m trying to config incremental sync based on (Incremental sync | Airbyte Documentation)

The API I’m trying to connect supports setting the time range
, but it is set by the following JSON key in the request body – not at the top level

"inserted_time": {

"since": "2023-01-14T14:39:01Z",

"until": "2023-05-14T14:44:01Z"


I tried to set the “Field Name” to “inserted_time.since” and “inserted_time.until”, but it doesn’t work the way I wanted.

Could anyone shed some lights on this problem? Is it possible to inject start / end time into a nested key in JSON body?

Thank you!

I have not tried this myself so this is just me trying to help you along. If you have the latest airbyte installed you can try this:

You will find there setting under incremental sync.

thank you for trying to solve my problem.

However, in my case since and until both reside under inserted_time.

Is there a way to handle this case uising the connector builder in Airbyte ?