Adding/Building Connector via Airbyte API


Exploring the possibility of adding or building a connector (API endpoint) through the Airbyte API.


Hi Guys …

Is there anyway I can add/build connector (api endpoint) via Airbyte API?


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Yes, you can add or build a new connector in Airbyte. Here are the steps you need to follow: 1. Implement & Package your connector in an Airbyte Protocol compliant Docker image. 2. Add integration tests for your connector. At a minimum, all connectors must pass Airbyte’s standard test suite, but you can also add your own tests. 3. Document how to build & test your connector. 4. Publish the Docker image containing the connector. You can use the connector builder UI to develop and use connectors without leaving the Airbyte UI. You can also use the low-code framework to build source connectors for REST APIs by modifying boilerplate YAML files. If you prefer Python, you can use the Airbyte CDK, which generates 75% of the code required for you. Once you’ve built your connector, you can add it to the Airbyte platform. If you are self-hosting Airbyte, you can use the Custom Connector feature. If you are using Airbyte Cloud, you can submit a PR to add your connector to the Airbyte repository. Once the PR is merged, the connector will be available to all Airbyte Cloud users. For more detailed instructions, you can refer to the Connector Development documentation. Please note that while you can build and add connectors, there is currently no direct way to add or build a connector via the Airbyte API. The connectors are added through the Airbyte UI or by submitting a PR to the Airbyte repository.

You lost me there. Airbyte web / platform app does have an API, but you don’t need to use it in your connector.

The connector builder application (form-based connector builder) does not have an explicit official API, and you don’t really want one.

Tell me more about what you’re building, I’ll try to point you in the right direction.