Airbyte API to python / Node.js application

Hi community,

Just wondering if there is any tutorial on the Airbyte API

I am testing the idea of using Airbyte to extract data from my Shopify store to MongoDB, the GUI version works perfectly, but then when I am trying to use Airbyte API, I am quite stuck at understanding the “example”.

Here is the things that I need to do :slight_smile:

  1. Create a source (POST /v1/sources/create) as Shopify by using OAuth
  2. Crate a destination (POST /v1/destinations/create) as MongoDB by using Altas
  3. Create a connection (POST /v1/connections/create)

I am having problems when I tried to create source for Shopify :slight_smile:
“sourceDefinitionId”: "I copy the ID from my current shopify source ",
“connectionConfiguration”: {
“user”: “my email”
“workspaceId”: “myworkspaceId”,
“name”: “myworkspaceId”

Response is 500 ( “message”: “Internal Server Error: HTTP 415 Unsupported Media Type”)

Can anyone please advise the sourceDefinitionId & user value, as im not sure about this !
The rest of the input , I get it from (“POST /v1/workspaces/list”)

Please advise if there is any tutorial about the usage of Airbyte API as well.



There isn’t a specific tutorial explaining how to build/use the API.
I can recommend to you go to the Airbyte WebApp and open the developer tool → network tab and follow the API requests the WebApp made to the server to understand how the payload is done.

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You are right ! Nailed it with this solution !

Thanks !

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