Airbyte Cloud Europe

Hi, we are looking to deploy Airbyte in our stack and have the following question to consider:

  1. When will Airbyte Cloud be available in Europe? (Currently it seems only available in the US, is there a timeline there?)

@laurencewilliams do you mind posting two separate messages for these two questions? This will help for future discoverability.

Okay done so, modified this one and created another one.

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Airbyte Cloud is only available in the US at the moment for compliance regarding data management. We’ll work this year on making the cloud offer multi-regional but I can’t share an accurate ETA now.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Okay understood, to provide a bit of context we are considering whether to develop the deployment and management of Airbyte from our end on the basis of when the cloud solution comes out (that is, we have a preference for the cloud version). I take it then that Airbyte Cloud Europe will be available some time later this year, thanks.

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