Airbyte connections showing 2 attempts with first attempt failing


Airbyte connections are showing 2 attempts with the first attempt failing due to errors related to a dbt_project.yml file that was not created by the user. How to resolve these errors?


Hi all. All my Airbyte connections show for each sync run that they needed 2 attempts, with the first attempt failing.
They all show something like:

io.airbyte.workers.exception.WorkerException: /tmp/workspace/15706/0```
With the following log:
```2024-02-03 15:18:53 normalization > [WARNING]: Configuration paths exist in your dbt_project.yml file which do not apply to any resources.
There are 2 unused configuration paths:
- models.airbyte_utils.generated.airbyte_views
- models.airbyte_utils.generated.airbyte_tables```
I did not create any dbt_project.yml file myself, so how do I get rid of these errors?



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