DBT failing for every connector, Credentials in profile "normalize", target "prod" invalid

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: No
  • OS Version / Instance: Ubuntu, 20.04
  • Memory / Disk: 16 core CPU, 64GB RAM, 8TB storage
  • Deployment: Docker compose
  • Airbyte Version: 0.36-alpha
  • Source name/version: All (Postres : 0.4.18, MySQL : 0.5.11)
  • Destination name/version: All (Postgres : 0.3.20, ClickHouse : 0.1.6)
  • Step: DBT
  • Description: Getting this error in DBT for all connections.
> 05:03:16  Encountered an error:
> Runtime Error
>   Could not run dbt
> Diagnosing dbt debug to check if destination is available for dbt and well configured (2):
> 05:03:19  Running with dbt=1.0.0
> dbt version: 1.0.0
> python version: 3.9.9
> python path: /usr/local/bin/python
> os info: Linux-5.4.0-113-generic-x86_64-with-glibc2.31
> Using profiles.yml file at /data/45266/0/normalize/profiles.yml
> Using dbt_project.yml file at /data/45266/0/normalize/dbt_project.yml
> Configuration:
>   profiles.yml file [ERROR invalid]
>   dbt_project.yml file [OK found and valid]
> Required dependencies:
>  - git [OK found]
> 1 check failed:
> Profile loading failed for the following reason:
> Runtime Error
>   Credentials in profile "normalize", target "prod" invalid: {'_secret': 'airbyte_workspace_83dd7449-5276-44f2-9039-3f8163e61e56_secret_58add163-f35e-4d66-ad48-656201ba7ff5_v1'} is not of type 'string'

logs-45266.txt (35.8 KB)

Did you upgrade Airbyte recently? Did you update any connector? Or started failing without any change?

I have solved it now. I had Airbyte 0.36.x-alpha. I was attempting to upgrade Airbyte to 0.38.9-alpha. Got the DEADLINE EXCEEDED error, then I switched back to 0.36.x-alpha. Error with normalization happened then (some changes are not backward compatible I guess?). Now I have upgraded it to 0.38.2-alpha and it is working, but still not able to upgrade Airbyte to the latest version.

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