Airbyte guidance on developing connectors with Python CDK


Airbyte’s stance on developing connectors with Python CDK and latest guidance


Is Airbyte discouraging the development of connectors using the Python CDK? What is the latest guidance here? I have seen a few comments to that effect in the GitHub repo.

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You can build them using the Python CDK to your personal/company projects but the project is only accepting new sources using the low-code framework as it provides more stable and easy to maintain connectors. In summary the low-code uses the Python CDK so if you’re planning to build something it won’t be a problem in the compatibility or lack of support too.

Got it, thank you! So is it fair to say there’s no danger of the Python CDK being deprecated in the near or medium future?

You’re correct, as some really complex sources (Facebook… and a few others) are going to continue use the Python CDK. They’re too complex to create manage using YAML components.

:wave: Python CDK is the foundation that the lowcode cdk is using. It’s not going anywhere, and in fact it’ll get all new features first. Now, documentation and guides for it are in need of some improvement.