Airbyte on EKS with custom s3 bucket

Hello everyone,

We have set up Airbyte on our k8s (AWS EKS) and deployed it using kustomize and helm chart.
We are using our own s3 bucket for logs:

# manifests/airbyte/release.yaml
      enabled: false
   enabled: true
   bucket: "s3://${S3_AIRBYTE_BUCKET}" # also tried hard-coding the name of the bucket, did not help
   bucketRegion: ${REGION}

Unfortunately, when I am trying to set a source in Airbyte, I am getting an error (see picture attached).Anyone has an idea what might be wrong?
Thank you for any ideas

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 17.03.44

Did you check our docs explaining how to setup the S3 custom logs? On Kubernetes \(Beta\) | Airbyte Documentation