Storing the Airbyte K8s logs to S3

Hi, I just installed a new Airbyte K8s setup using Helm on my EKS cluster and trying to send logs to an external S3 bucket, but with no effect :frowning:
There is part of my values.yaml file that I use:

password: “SOME_KEY”
existingSecret: “”
existingSecretKey: “”
password: “SOME_SECRET_KEY”
existingSecret: “”
existingSecretKey: “”
type: “S3”
enabled: true
bucket: “airbyte-logs”
bucketRegion: “”

Also, IAM user with this KEY and SECRET KEY exist and works, but as I can see in K8s Airbyte config map there is no S3 configuration, but still uses the minio.

I’m deploying the Helm chart from airbyte-oss/airbyte

Thanks for any possible help