Airbyte Open Source and BingAds

Hey Airbyte Team,

I just started to play around with Airbyte and deployed the open source version as you documented:
On AWS (EC2) | Airbyte Documentation

I have no a problem seeting up BingAds as a source.
I cannot get it to work allthough I followed these instructions.

I get following error when I click on Set up source:

The connection tests failed.
OAuthTokenRequestException(‘invalid_client’, “AADSTS700025: Client is public so neither ‘client_assertion’ nor ‘client_secret’ should be presented.\r\nTrace ID: 7548d8f2-7c02-456f-a00a-744add096300\r\nCorrelation ID: ce766f83-a3a4-4ece-8aca-67337ae17e62\r\nTimestamp: 2022-06-21 12:26:34Z”)

Did anyone have had this error and could solve this or knows what the problem is? I dont see any step in your documentation that would relate to this? I added the localhost to the Redirect Uri. What else could it be?


In the Cloud Version I was able to authentificate with the same developer token.

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: Yes
  • OS Version / Instance: Linux
  • Memory / Disk: 4gb 2Core
  • Deployment: Docker
  • Airbyte Version: What version are you using now?
  • Source name/version: BingAds
  • Step: Set up the source

Hey Dimitriy,
I think this error comes from the settings of app you registered on Azure side. I think you should set this app as a public client.
I found this StackOverflow that might be helpful.
In any case this error is raised during the connection to Azure and there is a problem with your token. I suggest you reach Azure support with your Trace ID.

Hey Augustin,

thanks. Where do I find this setting? How do I set it as a public client? :thinking:

I couldnt find that option yet.

I checked how our App is set up on our Azure console. You can list your existing application here.
The Allow public client flow is set to Yes.
Please make sure you have the same setting and let me know if it works.

Hmm the option was indeed set to no, but it didnt solve the exception :frowning:

What kind of app do you use? Web or Mobile&Desktop? What Redirect URIs did you set?

And: were you able to set up BingAds source in Airbyte with that? :slight_smile:

were you able to set up BingAds source in Airbyte with that?

Yes because this is the app we are using to run our acceptance tests and the latest builds are green.

What Redirect URIs did you set?

Web or Mobile&Desktop

Mobile and desktop applications

Below is the exhaustive list of permissions we set on this app:

I hope this will help!