Bing Ads-connector setup

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: No
  • OS Version / Instance: EC2
  • Memory / Disk: 16Gb
  • Deployment: Docker
  • Airbyte Version: 0.35.15-Alpha
  • Source name/version: Bing Ads
  • Destination name/version: Snowflake
  • Step: Bing Ads connector setup
  • Description: I am getting an error of User id not found during setup. My IT team created Azure application and provided me with client-id and client-secret values. Should I have access to that Azure application? I am getting refresh tokens and access tokens but during setup I am getting an error.

When I checked with someone who has access to azure application. I am getting the following error.
OAuthTokenRequestException(‘invalid_grant’, "AADSTS65001: The user or administrator has not consented to use the application with ID . Send an interactive authorization request for this user and resource.

I have checked for permissions in Azure directory, permissions look good.

@farhan-splashtop did your team follow the setup and requirements described here: Bing Ads | Airbyte Documentation ?

Yeah Marcos, we followed the steps.

@farhan-splashtop Have you tried to input user id instead of account id to the first account id field? It worked for me.


Abrar did you try the suggestion made by Khristina?

Yeah I did Marcos. But same error.

@marcosmarxm No Microsoft Advertising/Bing Ads service integrated.
l No Microsoft Advertising/Bing Ads subscription in our Azure resource.
I think the Microsoft Advertising Service that Abrar’s team uses is a separate service from our M365 subscription and is not integrated (or subscribed to through our Azure environment). Although they use our company mail to register as an account, it is still a separate service. Like we can register FB, twitter account with company email.

We do not need to continue tuning or testing the AirByte application which in Azure Enterprise Application. The current problem is:

  1.      Can Airbyte work with the Microsoft Advertising/Bing Ads which not manage/integrated into Azure?

Is this the problem @marcosmarxm ?

I don’t the native connector can. Probably something you can achieve implementing logic describe here:

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