Availability of Magento Connector in Airbyte


User is looking for a Magento connector in Airbyte but only finds references to MySQL connector. Legacy pages mentioning Magento/Airbyte are now 404. User seeking assistance.


Hey there, not sure if this is the right channel but I’ll try - I’m looking to see if Airbyte has a Magento connector (using the Magento API) but the website points me towards the MySQL connector only. If I google, there are some legacy pages referring to Magento/Airbyte but they all 404 now. Any ideas?

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Do you host your own Magento?

<@U021P0L72CV> it’s for a corporate client with HQ managing Magento and I’m pretty sure it’s part of a big Adobe contract

My only experience with Magento is replicating the backend database and not leveraging the API