Best tool for syncing data between two PostgresDB with simple transformation


The user is looking for a tool to sync data every one hour between two PostgresDB with a simple transformation using SQL queries. They are exploring if Airbyte is the best tool for this or if there are other cloud-hosted tools that allow writing SQL transformations in the middle of the sync process.


hi, i have a simple use case and wondering what the best tool for the job is.

I want to sync data every one hour from one postgresDB to another postgresDB and apply a very simple transformation in the middle (a very simple sql query such as doing an aggregation, etc). the source may be other things in the future but for now its just postgres is airbyte the best tool for this? i noticed that i need to setup a transform with an external service. is there another tool that just lets me write SQL in the middle of these to do the transformation, hosted in the cloud, and does the sync as well?

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With a dbt transform this would be pretty straightforward

otherwise maybe a view that does your transform on the source?