Moving from internal Postgres db to RDS in Airbyte on Kubernetes


User is looking to move from using the internal Postgres db in Airbyte on Kubernetes to an RDS instance. They are concerned about not losing sync information and are asking if they have to manually copy data or if there is an easier way.


Hi everyone, I’ve just started testing out Airbyte on a kubernetes cluster via Helm. I started syncing several tables using the default / internal postgres db kubernetes service. I’d like to move to using an RDS instance, and was wondering if there’s a way to make sure I don’t lose the information on all the syncs. Do I have to copy data from one postgres instance to another? Would there be an easier way?

I tried <#C01AHCD885S|ask-ai>, and it;cid=C01AHCD885S|recommended that I ask the community. Thank you in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately today you must export -> import manually the database. You can use pg_dump to do it