Bounty Program for Building Connectors


Inquiring about the availability and location of the bounty program for building connectors.


hey! do you still have a bounty program for building connectors? if so, where do I find it?

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Yes, Airbyte does have a bounty program for building connectors. If you’d like to build new connectors and make them part of the pool of pre-built connectors on Airbyte, you can check the contributing guide on building connectors. For more details on how to code your own connectors on Airbyte, you can refer to the guide on building new connectors. Please note that while the guides are specific to the languages used most frequently to write integrations, Airbyte connectors can be written in any language. Once you’ve built your connector, you can create a PR against the Airbyte repo and the team will work with you to get it across the finish line as mentioned here. However, please note that the bounty is for reviews and not for bug fixing as mentioned in this forum post.

Hello Philip is not active anymore :great_scott:

Hey Marcos! Thanks for responding, any specific reason you abandoned it?