Bug report: Snowflake destination PARALLEL parameter error


The user is reporting a bug in the Snowflake destination connector where the PARALLEL parameter is throwing an error due to exceeding the limit in Snowflake. The user provided a query and error message for reference.


:airbyte-fire:Hi, I want to report a BUG that you have in Snowflake destination!:airbyte-fire:
This is a query that Airbyte executed in my Snowflake env in the latest snowflake version:
PUT file:///tmp/2f680376-2d30-445f-bcbe-xxxx.csv.gz @"airbyte_internal"."clientx_raw__stream_postgres_table"xxx-FCB5-4B1F-B425-7EED5EE5F2D4/ PARALLEL = 128;

SQL compilation error: invalid value [128] for parameter 'PARALLEL'

I’ve investigated the issue, as long the temporary file is bigger then the PARALLEL Parameter increased as well. The limit in Snowflake is 100!
Please look:

What can i do mean time?


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