Building Airbyte Connector with GraphQL Endpoint and Multiple Requests


The user is inquiring about building an Airbyte Connector with a GraphQL endpoint and multiple requests to access and download CSV documents for transportation.


Hello, everyone.

I’m designated to build an Airbyte Connector, but I’m not sure if it’s possible due to the requirements. I’d like to know of you if it’s possible to build this connector only using the low-code builder, or if it’ll be necessary to use the CDK. Here follows the requirements:

• The endpoint uses GraphQL languages to access data.
• I have to make three requests to achieve my data:
◦ 1: A request to start the doc processing
◦ 2: A request to get the ID’s of processed documents. This requests return’s also a status of the document which can be PENDING, COMPLETED, etc. I need to wait all documents to be COMPLETED to move to the next step.
◦ 3: A request that uses the ID’s to get the URL’s to download the documents.
• The downloaded document is the main goal here. It’is a CSV to be downloaded and transformed to be transported to destination.

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