Clear Text Secrets in Exported Configuration file

Is there a way to disable secrets from being exposed as clear text in the exported configuration file?

Yes, latest version of Airbyte has the env variable in .env file to mask secrets from export file:

Yeah we found that but it was already set to false but we are still seeing the clear text secrets in the export. From the code it looks like this is being used during the creation of the config repository, not sure how that is or isn’t related to the export operation.

if you change having a running instance you must restart Airbyte to have effect.

We found it was already set to false (from installation) and as such it was not changed.

What Airbyte version are you using?

We are using version - 0.36.9-alpha

Sorry, looks there is a bug. I created the issue:
Team will work in solution soon!

Thanks for the help. Looking forward to being able to use Airbyte in our environment.

Hello Brent, the issue is fixed: can you try latest version?