ClickHouse custom transformation

We currently have a MySQL to ClickHouse connection and we use basic transformation. However, we need some custom transformation namely we need to transform epoch times to Unix timestamps.

I went through the documentation and read about dbt transformation, but I don’t see the custom transformation section below the basic transformation.

Would you please help me with how we could reach this goal?


Hey @arashlayeghi,
The tutorial you linked explains how to set up a custom transformation after you locally built one with DBT.
This tutorial explains how to export the generated basic normalization DBT project . You can tweak this code to make the change you need and use this DBT project as your custom transformation.
Let me know if it answers your question.

Hey @alafanechere,
Thanks for the quick response.
My question was why I don’t see a custom transformation section on this page?
Assuming I’ve created the custom normalization with DBT how can I use that project here where I cannot see the custom normalization you depicted in the documentation?
We use ClickHouse destination.

What I see:

What you displayed on your documentation:


Oh, I get it now.
We disabled support of custom transformation on ClickHouse some months ago because it was bugged.
Please leave a thumb-up on this issue and we’ll try to re-enable it.

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