Configuring ALB Ingress for Airbyte on AWS EKS


Configuring ALB Ingress for Airbyte on AWS EKS involves defining IAM policy for ALB controller ServiceAccount and configuring webapp-url field in values.yaml


I’m deploying an Airbyte on my aws EKS.
im intending using Amazon Application Load Balancer (ALB) for ingress, I’ve created the yaml file as described
Now, I cant figure out two things:

  1. The ALB controller will use a ServiceAccount that requires the <|following IAM policy> to be attached - Where can i define it?
  2. Once this is complete, ensure that the value of the webapp-url field in your values.yml is configured to match the ingress URL - I couldnt find any such field webapp-url. <|Here example of values.yaml>
    Please help me :slightly_smiling_face:

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