Configuring MySQL database as source in Airbyte using quick start configurations


The user is trying to configure a MySQL database as a source in Airbyte using quick start configurations, but is facing issues with connecting to a database running on a virtual machine locally. They suspect the docker containers spawned via docker compose cannot reach the virtual machine. They are seeking guidance on the correct setup.


Hello everyone. I am trying out airbyte using one of the available quick starts configurations, unfortunately I think I am missing something. For context I want to use mysql database as a source of data that is to be transformed and loaded again into another mysql database. On the quick starts list I figured airbyte, dbt and airflow (ADA) with snowflakes is the closest approximation of what I need. So I picked this one up I managed to run all pieces just fine. The problem is, I am not sure how to configure the source. This is especially a problem because I am running all these locally, my source database is another running on a virtual machine. I tried adding source without terraform but this does not work because I suspect the docker containers spawned via docker compose cannot reach my virtual machinne which is reachable from host. First am I on the right track? If yes how best should I configure my intended setup? Thanks so much.

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