Connectors not connecting since 21st


Connectors for source and destination databases not connecting since the 21st, internal error on server, unable to connect via Airbyte but can connect via DBeaver


I am using airbyte in a project where I extract (source) from mssql and create (destination) in postgres. So far so good.
Since the 21st, none of the connectors (source and destination) connect anymore.
The source is on one server and the target database is on another server.
There is an internal error on the server.
On both servers I can connect via Dbeaver normally, via airbyte it no longer connects.
Can anyone help with this?

SO: Ubuntu
local airbyte -> docker install: v0.50.54




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The connections aren’t triggering anymore?

Hi Marcos, they’re not working.
Return internal server error.

I noticed that there was this update. I don't know if there is..

New test and again error…