Custom Airbyte Connector Setup Without UI


Struggling to set up a custom Airbyte source connector without using the UI, looking for guidance on incorporating it with CI/CD and version control.


I’m trying to follow this crude project roadmap <|from a reddit comment>, but I’ve hit a major obstacle. The “project” says to build a custom Airbyte source connector, then set up a connection using only the CLI. After a couple days stuck on this point, I’ve decided it’s nearly impossible (for a beginner like myself). No matter what I do, I can’t seem to figure out how to incorporate my custom connector in a way that is compatible with CI/CD and version-control (i.e., without using the UI to pull the connector image into the airbyte instance). Can anyone help me figure out whether A) I should give up trying to use a custom Airbyte connector without using the UI, or B) How I can use a custom connector without setting it up via the UI? I’ve been going in circles on this.

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