Custom Connector Not Showing in UI Settings


Custom connector not appearing in UI settings after following development steps


I’ve built a custom connector, but after following the steps|here I don’t see it at all in the Settings of the UI

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<@U04SE163WC8> This is for local development

<@U04SE163WC8> This is for local connector development

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Can you describe here what steps you executed?

<@U01MMSDJGC9> Yes for sure

For context I have airbyte forked in my own repo and doing this locally

  1. Run Airbyte by
  1. I have the airbyte-ci tool downloaded so i run ( I replace <source-name> with my connector name)

I did confirm I can see my connector in my local docker

  1. I am able to get to <http://localhost:8000/>.

  2. Log in with the default user airbyte and default password password.

  3. Go to Settings (gear icon in lower left corner) - although this is not in the lower left corner anymore it’s on the middle of the left side bar but I’m sure just a UI change

  4. once I get to sources I don’t see my connector listed and I can’t update it to the dev tag like listed in the documentation

You need to add the connector manually

building the connector locally only build the docker image it wont’ add to the catalog.