Custom Connector Property Selection During Connection Configuration


Developed connector requires ability to select properties during connection configuration to avoid creating separate destinations for each property.


Hey guys, I need your help, please. I just developed my own connector and built its image. In this connector, I have some properties(spec.json), and when I want to add this destination, I have to choose a property. This means I would have to create a separate destination for each property, which is not ideal for me. Instead, I want to be able to select one of these properties during the configuration of the connection, for example, between GitHub as a source and my destination.

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I may not be understanding correctly . . . but could this just be set to an enum type? With an Enum, you provide a list of allowed values and can also specify which of them should be the default. This will be presented to the user as a dropdown/select menu.

This would look something like:

  type: Spec
    type: object
    $schema: <>
      - test
        type: string
        title: testing
        default: Baz
          - Foo
          - Bar
          - Baz
          - Fiz
          - Bop
        order: 0```
Is that what you're talking about, or am I missing something?

I already did that, and this solution allows me to select a value when I configure the destination, not during the connection. For example, when I select GitHub as the source and my connector as the destination, I want to be able to select additional properties specific to the destination during the connection setup.

This is what I have now: :
However, my goal is to have this property be selected during the connection setup :