Custom connector - reading records from an api without a "last_modified" field

Hello everyone!

I’ve developed a full refresh connector for a CRM (calltrackingmetrics) and would like to add an incremental sync feature.
The issue is that the connector doesn’t have a modification date.

My solution:
For the first sync I would like to sync all the dates. And then I would like to fetch the last month each syncs and append the new data. (not ideal… but probably there wont be any more changes)

Is it the right approach? and if so, do I need to implement an incremental stream?
because technically I have no state…

Or, I can use the normal full refresh with stream slices?

Thank you very much!

Hi @sahar1050,

Thank you for developing a connector! This looks like a good use-case for full refresh with stream slices because you’d be slicing the dates by month. The slice docs have a similar example. Looking forward to your PR!

Thank you very much!

I got some more input from @alafanechere and looks like the best solution might just be a full refresh after all. The downside is that each sync would consume all the source data, but it would help avoid duplicates in the destination. Let me know if this helps!

@sahar1050 is the Call Tracking Metrics connector available for public use? I have a need for the same.
Thanks, Mark