Custom Fields Not Retrieved in JIRA Source

When using JIRA source connector, not all custom fields are retrieved. Specifying a custom field in the source configuration does not resolve the issue

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Hello - we are experiencing a similar issue moving Jira Customfield data to Redshift. When we add a customfield to the Jira Source and ETL issues, it shows up in in the destination database in the raw json found in _airbyte_raw_issues._airbyte_data column, but cannot find it parsed into any column into the final issues table. Where and how are these customfields supposed to be populated?


See issue: Source Jira: add section explaining how to use custom fields · Issue #10871 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub

Jeff and Casey can you try using the following:

You must use 3 info to get the custom field.

In what table are you trying to get the custom field information? issue_custom_fields_context ?

Thanks for the reply.

I am using all three names, in my case:

Analytics Request Type

I am ETL’ing issues only. When I try to ETL issue_custom_fields_context , I get the following error. Please note that the error is for a customfield I have not selected, and, to my knowledge, does not exist in my project.

2022-06-10 13:45:13 source > 404 Client Error: Not Found for url: https://********

When setup correctly, is the information contained in the custom field only supposed to be in issue_custom_fields_context?

Thank you

In my case the custom field apears in issue_custom_fields_context, but the actual values dont appear in the issues stream. The issue changelog contains any changes to the custom field

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Will try and test using all 3 forms of the custom field today to see if it impacts the issues stream

I am seeing:

"id":"11847" }

as part of raw json found in issues.fields when I add the custom field to the source, but airbyte does not seem to be normalizing this json into the issues_fields table or anywhere else properly for any of the fields, not just the custom ones?

I’m not seeing my custom fields in issue_fields. They are just issue_custom_field_contexts. Goal is to have them in issues stream. I have other custom fields that are appearing in issues that I have not specifically configured.

Using all 3 forms of the custom field as Marcos describes does not result in the field showing up in issues stream

I’m struggling with the same issue. I’ve plugged the custom field I need to extract into the configuration but it is not being loaded by Airbyte. Three other custom fields that I did not specify and do not need are being loaded.

I’m willing to try debugging the issue but I’m not familiar with the codebase and would need someone to point me in the right direction first.

@marcosmarxm should this be a bug? I don’t think its a case of just updating docs, the feature doesnt appear to be functioning…

It’s a bug thanks for opening issue
Any updated I’ll return here.