Custom Source Connector Data Not Showing in Airbyte UI Destination


Custom source connector data is visible when running command in Python, but not showing in Airbyte UI destination


hi team and <@U04SE163WC8>,
I have created a custom source connector - when I run the python read command I see the stream data but when I setup the connector in the Airbyte UI the data in the destination is empty. Any ideas?

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Sure, I can help you troubleshoot this issue. Here are a few steps you can follow: 1. Check the logs: When you run the sync job in Airbyte, it should provide logs that can give you more information about what might be going wrong. Look for any error messages or warnings in these logs. 2. Test the destination: Make sure that the destination is set up correctly and that Airbyte has the necessary permissions to write data to it. You can test this by setting up a different source (like one of Airbyte’s pre-built connectors) and seeing if data is successfully written to the destination. 3. Check the data format: Make sure that the data returned by your custom connector matches the format expected by Airbyte and the destination. The data should be in JSON format and match the schema defined in your connector’s spec.json file. 4. Check the connector setup in the Airbyte UI: Make sure that you’ve correctly set up the connector in the Airbyte UI. This includes setting the correct source and destination, and configuring any necessary settings. If you’re still having trouble, you might find it helpful to refer to the Airbyte documentation or ask for help on the Airbyte forum.