Data extraction based on multiple id from another stream

I have a scenario where i get list of ids from stream 1 and based on those ids I want to extract data from another stream 2.
Is there any recursive way to do that as my stream 2 url requires passing those ids in url to get the data.
I want to iterate those ids on url to get data based on those ids.

Thank you

Hey! You can leverage HttpSubStream class on the stream that requires fetching parent stream data first. This is a common pattern we have on several connectors. It was discussed here on the forum and you can read more about it in our documentation.
Let me know if these references helped and if you need additional assistance.

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Thank you for giving me the correct direction. :+1:

The key here is to read parent’s records in the substream stream_slice function. You can generate one stream slice per parent record. The path method will be called for each stream_slice . You can then process the stream_slice value in the path function to build the URL you want.