SubStreams for Non HTTP Source

Hello Everyone, first time posting here so I am not really sure if this is the right channel. My team and I are building a custom python source to work with our CRM’s SDK. So far we have setup all the streams and have everything working perfectly. However there is a new requirement for a stream that basically requires getting data from End Point 1 (Employee Records) and then using the IDs of these Employees to get records from another End Point. Since we already have an Employee Stream, I wanted to implement a sort of substream or child stream to get the IDs coming out of the first stream and pass it on to the detailed records stream. What is the best way to do this in AirByte CDK

The best way to apply it is using reproduce the same logic apply for HttpSubStream:

Probably you need to create a class that mimic the behavior of sub streams

Thanks a lot for your answer marcos, I am using the same approach and I believe this is exactly what I was looking for.