Data Size and Data Types Issues with MongoDB Source and Postgres Destination in Airbyte


Issues with data size growth in Postgres compared to MongoDB due to Airbyte creating 3 tables per collection, data types normalization problems like converting timestamps to text, and a workaround for hardcoded SSL requirement in the MongoDB source connector.


I’m trying to use airbyte with mongodb source and postgres destination. I’ve encountered few problems

  • data size dramatically grows. In my case it’s 9 times bigger in postgres than in mongo. of course part of that is mongo identifiers converted to text, but the main issue is that airbyte has 3 tables per mongo collection, each one holding practically the whole data. Maybe there are approaches that can mitigate that issue ?
    • data types normalization. for example mongo timestamps are converted to text. without dbt is there a way to convert/normalize during import ?
    • third problem I worked-around. mongo source has hardcoded ssl requirement, whereas my instance does not have it. I had to fork connector and make local changes, but at least that works.

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