Data Sync Issue with Google Ads in Cloud Airbyte


Users experiencing data unsynced and missing data issues with Google Ads connector in Cloud Airbyte, even after resetting data. Using Incremental | Append + Deduped on native streams.


Hi, I’ve been using Cloud Airbyte for a few weeks/months and most of the time is all great, but from times to times we get some data unsynced and even missing data.
It happens mostly with Google Ads. Some times just reseting the data fix the problem, but that is the same as paying for the tool’s problem.

Has anyone had experience with this?
I’m using Incremental | Append + Deduped on “native” streams, not GAQL ones

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Hello <@U04Q40TTQAC> do you mind submit a Zendesk to the suppor team investigate the problem?

Hey <@U01MMSDJGC9>, I did just that.
From our conversation it seems to be really hard to debug it. They way that it behaves could be a Google API matter. The resolution to fix it is to change the connection stream cursor in the settings :grimacing:

Awesome! Glad to know :pray: