Debugging TokenAuthenticator not setting auth headers in Airbyte connector


The user is developing a connector to an API using TokenAuthenticator for authentication. The debug message does not show the auth headers being set, even though the TokenAuthenticator is configured. The user is seeking help to identify the issue.


I am developing a connector to an API. The API uses an API Key set as the Bearer Token in the request Header. The request itself is a POST request with some pagination. I am in the process of debugging. For some reason when I run:

python read --config secrets/config.json --catalog integration_tests/configured_catalog.json --debug

The debug message shows the request.headers according to| and my assumption is it would show the auth headers as well, However, I am not seeing any auth headers from the authenticator when set. Below is the code I am using to set up the TokenAuthenticator. Am I missing something?


def streams(self, config: Mapping[str, Any]) -> List[Stream]:
        auth = TokenAuthenticator(token=config["api_key"])
        return [Contacts(authenticator=auth, config=config)]```



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