Defining schema to get entire record as JSON in custom connector builder


Inquiring about defining a schema in custom connector builder to receive entire record as JSON instead of extracting each attribute.


In the custom connector builder, is there a way to define a schema that gets entire record as json rather extracting each attribute.

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Based on the provided extracts, the Airbyte connector builder uses a “Declared schema” to define how the records will be shaped via a JSON Schema definition. This schema defines which fields and nested fields occur in the records, whether they are always available or sometimes missing, and which types they are. However, the extracts do not provide specific information on defining a schema that gets the entire record as JSON rather than extracting each attribute. The schema seems to be defined on a per-field basis, as shown in the example where each field (id, status, subject, created_at, sent_at) is defined separately. For more detailed information or specific use cases, you may want to refer to the Airbyte documentation on connector development.

I have the same question