Different Zuora Objects In Airbyte vs Fivetran

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: Yes
  • OS Version / Instance: Linux (Amazon)
  • Memory / Disk: you can use something like 16Gb / 8 Gb
  • Deployment: Docker
  • Airbyte Version: 0.40.10
  • Source name/version: Zuora alpha 0.1.3
  • Destination name/version: Snowflake
  • Step: The issue is happening during sync
  • Description: The list of objects on the source schema is different than Fivetran. I use the same client_id and client_secret but the list of the objects are different in Airbyte vs Fivetran. Also, the total number of the objects are different. Any idea how it can be possible?

Hi @murat, Fivetran and Airbyte are separate companies, so there are bound to be differences. Could you please give me a concrete example of the differences you are finding and what issue this is causing?

Hi @natalyjazzviolin ,
My goal is to evaluate Airbyte to see if we can migrate it from Fivetran. Both tools use the same user for accessing the objects. I was expecting to see the same results for the source schema in both tools but they are different. For example, in Fivetran I see an object called ‘CalloutHistory’ but I can’t see the same object when use Airbyte.
Thank you,

Is this in relation to the Zuora connector?

As Airbyte is an open source product, sometimes contributors develop connectors that support some API endpoints, but not all. If you’d like something to be included that is currently not, please open a feature request on our GitHub!

Yes, it is related to the Zuora connector. I wanted to make sure that I’m not doing something wrong. If the connector doesn’t support this endpoint then it’s fine. I’ll create a feature request. :+1:t3:
Do you know where I can see the list of the supported endpoints?


Here is the list of streams Airbyte is able to sync:

@natalyjazzviolin Are you sure they are Zuora streams?

My apologies for the mix up, I am having issues with my clipboard today. Here is the correct link:

Thank you @natalyjazzviolin . I found out that Airbyte retrives the correct list of the objects.