Difficulty using File connector to download Excel xls file over https


User is facing difficulty using the File connector to download an Excel xls file over https. They have tried different files and web servers but encountered https errors and format issues. Seeking advice on how to resolve this common use case.


Hi folks,

I’m having difficulty using using the File connector. Specifically, downloading an Excel xls file over https.

I’ve tried a couple of different files, differing web servers, differing structures. I’m getting an https error in one case and was told by support in one case the file format may be an issue and in the other that the problem would be looked at by others.

This is a really basic, common use case so I’m frustrated that such a promising tool seems unable to easily do this. The options for setting up the file connector are few in number so I don’t think it’s user stupidity. Although it could be! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s an example file I’m trying to download - https://www.derby.gov.uk/media/derbycitycouncil/contentassets/documents/licences/taxis/vehicles/dcc-private-hire-vehicle-public-register-april2024.xls|https://www.derby.gov.uk/media/derbycitycouncil/contentassets/documents/licences/taxi[…]icles/dcc-private-hire-vehicle-public-register-april2024.xls

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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